Our services

FIRISK has been created in order to provide you following services

Risk Analysis & Property Risk Audit 

• FIRISK is specialized in conducting surveys providing In-Depth Risks Analysis of industrial sites or Real Estates in Property Damages and Consequential Business Interruption, including if any the Machinery Breakdown aspects or Construction All Risks, but also Liability or Environment. Risk Analysis is something mandatory according to the Belgian Code of Well-Being at Work
• We deliver detailed report with description of assets, identified risks classified according to their criticality (Severity / Probability of Occurrence matrix), and which may include Loss Prevention recommendations and calculation of Loss Estimates (PML…).

Project Review 

FIRISK has a long experience in Review of Construction projects of contractors and industrial designers (new buildings, revamping or refurbishing) with recommendations in order to make the projects not only compliant with the applicable standards and rules in force but also to propose a level of protection and risk prevention (sometimes with several options) that will allow them to obtain the best price / coverage balance on the insurance market, it being understood that a protection incorporated at the early design stage will always be less expensive and easier to implement than the same level of protection that must be acquired later on after project design.

Specifications of Fire Protection Systems  

FIRISK has a long experience in providing specifications of fire protection systems such as automatic sprinkler system, water-mist system, gaseous extinguishing systems, and loss prevention means such as outside hydrants, hose reels or portable extinguishers, as recommended in compliance with highest Standards and rules to be applied and intended to be integrated in the installing specifications contract of installers (NFPA, FM Data Sheets, CEA 4001, APSAD rules,…).

Due Diligence Audit   

FIRISK performs Due Diligence survey as required before acquisition with Gap analysis report and recommendations for industrial sites as well as Real estates facilities.  

Descriptive Reports for Tenders on Insurance Market    

Having been Senior Property underwriter for several insurance carriers in Europe, FIRISK has a long experience in performing audits of industrial, real estate or civil engineering risks with the purpose to deliver comprehensive and consistent descriptive report intended to be presented to the insurance market as part of a tender launched by a broker. This audit report is intended to provide underwriters all the technical features as expected by own underwriting guidelines policy as well as underwriting modeling criteria.

Loss Adjustment & Claim’s Advocacy   

Having a long experience as Senior Risk Engineer involved in the Safety strategy of international clients, FIRISK can provide Engineering support to industrial or Real Estate clients in the area of claims and substantial losses settlement when looking for claim’s advocacy or second opinions in support of their legal councels or lawyers on technical issues related to these claims.

International Survey Programs   

Having managed several multinational Property survey programs, FIRISK has experience in setting-up and management of Property survey programs for international clients, management of recommendations and risk gradings as issued from the reports and recommendations’ follow-up, with possible technical support for the management of claims.

Business Continuity Management   

Having been involved in several Business Continuity and Contingency Plan of multinational groups, FIRISK can provide you support in the implementation of BCP/BCM (Business Continuity Plan/Management) and Contingency Plan aiming to help Business Recovery aiming to prevent a loss of activity and operational means.